Why MDF Is Banned in the USA: 9 Facts You Should Know

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MDF is an acronym for Medium Density Fiberboard.

It's a type of low cost, low-quality wood product that has been used in construction and furniture production since the 1960s. MDF was originally developed by West German company Chemiefaserwerk AG as a substitute for hardwood plywood because of shortages during WWII. stores services customer service lowe's stores services customer deals inspiration and trends services customer service privacy email and zip code customer service privacy use service privacy use connect use connect with us trends we've got ideas

Lowes now offers two types of MDF board:

drywall grade and paint grade (sometimes called "primer" or "underlayment"). Drywall grade is not recommended for use under cabinets, flooring or other high-wear areas. The paint grade should be primed before being painted to protect it from moisture absorption, which can cause warping over time. This low-quality wood is banned in the United States (and some other countries) because it emits formaldehyde, a known carcinogen.

Lowes offers both paint grade and drywall grade MDF board at all of their stores across the nation. Customers can also have Lowes cut an MDF board to size for free with a store service order or request that they do so through customer service. Ask about our deals on inspiration and trends, as well as services like lowe's email newsletter when you visit your local lowe's today!

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