Cedar Flakeboard Panels: A Guide to Choosing the Right Option

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Cedar flakeboard panels

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Cedar flakeboard is a cedar product that has been split into flakes.

This cedar wood is then pressed and glued together to make cedar panels, which are often used for closet storage and other household purposes. Cedar flakeboard panels have many benefits over the alternatives: they are lightweight, cost-effective, easy to work with, resistant to water damage, durable against rot and insects. They also offer an aromatic scent! In this blog post we will discuss cedar flakeboard panels in detail so you can determine what option best suits your needs!

aromatic eastern red cedar

What is cedar flakeboard?

Cedar flakeboard panels are cedar boards that have been flattened and pressed. The cedarsafe cedar flakes are then glued together to make a solid, durable panel with many benefits over the alternatives. Who can use cedar flakeboard? Cedar is naturally antimicrobial so it won't attract bacteria or mold like other materials such as MDF or plywood will in humid environments. This makes ceder an ideal material for any room where food preparation, storage, or cooking occurs! It also doesn’t need to be painted because of its inherent resistance from water damage- just wipe down the surface occasionally and it should stay looking fresh!

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How much does a cedar flakeboard panel cost?

Cedar panels are available in cedarsafe cedar and cedar safe. These two options will vary in price depending on the size of the board, with cedarsafe cedar being slightly more expensive but also rated to last 16 years!

aromatic cedar

Do they make ceder plywood?

Yes- there is a variety of cedar plywoods made from both eastern red and western white cedar wood. Western Red offers an odorless alternative that doesn’t have any aromatic scent so it won’t interfere with cooking or other activities while Eastern Red has a mild earthy fragrance that some people find refreshing! Both types offer similar benefits including water resistance, durability against rot/insects, and an antimicrobial quality.

100 aromatic eastern red

How much cedar plywood do I need?

The only real difference between ceder plywoods is the type of cedar wood they are made from- so if you want a less aromatic option, go with Western Red cedar! If you would like cedarsafe or cedar safe instead, then remember to measure your space and add 12 inches on all sides for seams when calculating how long it will take to cover that area.

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Do Cedar Flakeboard Panels Need To Be Finished With Paint Or Stain?

Painting over flakeboard panels can be difficult because paint doesn't always adhere properly to this material's surface, but stains work better since there isn’t as much risk of chipping or peeling. Cedar cedar cedarsafe cedar safe boards are already naturally resistant to water damage, so you'll only need to wipe the surface periodically instead of applying any additional coatings or treatments!

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What is cedar flakeboard?

Cedar flakes have been flattened and pressed together into a solid panel that provides many benefits over other possible materials such as MDF (medium density fiberboard) or plywood. The cedarsafe ceder Flakeboard panels can be made from either Eastern Red or Western White cedar wood types- both provide similar properties including durability against rot/insects, antimicrobial qualities, resistance to moisture and light exposure. There are some subtle distinctions between these two varieties: cedarsafe cedar boards have a 16 year life expectancy, while cedar safe is rated for 31 years.

How much does ceder flakeboard cost?

Cedar Flakeboard panels are available in cedarsafe cedar and cedar safe varieties- these will vary in price depending on the size of the board with cedarsafe being slightly more expensive but also lasting 20% longer than cedar safe (16 vs 31). They can be painted or stained but it's recommended that you choose one based on what type of material your house has been built from because those types don't produce fumes when exposed to paint/stain fumes so there's less risk of damage occurring as well as decreased odor.


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