Cedar Closets: Tips To Get Your Home Ready For The Holidays

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Cedar flakeboard

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Many people find cedar closets to be a great way to get their home ready for the holidays.

Cedar is a natural product that does an excellent job of adding a refreshing, aromatic scent to your space. It also has many other benefits such as being durable and easy to clean which makes it perfect for cedar closets lining! Read this blog post to learn more about cedar closets and how you can incorporate them on your own property this winter season.

closet liner

Cedar closets lining are cedar boards that you can use to line your closet.

Cedar is a very durable and easily maintained wood product which makes it perfect for this purpose because cedar naturally repels insects, fungi, and mold while being non-toxic.  It's also fire resistant so cedar closet lining will help protect the items stored inside against damage due to heat. This means they'll last longer! In addition, cedar has a pleasant aroma that helps remove unpleasant odors from the air in your home. If you're looking for natural ways to freshen up or cleanse your space without adding harsh chemicals then cedar closets may be just what you need!

You might not think of cedarsafe cedar closets when considering storage options or cedar closet lining. But with so many benefits, it may be worth a second look! Cedar is a naturally aromatic wood that has been used in building for centuries because of its inherent qualities. It's also very durable and resistant to fire while being easy to maintain which makes them perfect as cedar closet lining. If you have any questions about cedarsafe products contact their customer service department at:

aromatic cedar

What are cedar closets?

- Cedarsafe uses flakeboard panels made from 100% natural redwood called Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar for our cedar closet lining product line. These cedar closet lining panels have a natural cedar scent that will help keep your clothes fresh and ward off any unwanted odors.

What are cedarsafe products? - Cedar Safe's cedar closets line consists of flakeboard, cedar paneling, and cedar doors which can be used to build custom high-quality home furnishings such as shelving systems or even whole rooms made from aromatic eastern red ceder. You'll find our product is easy to install with simple do it yourself instructions found on the website at:

100 aromatic eastern red


Can you paint Cedar flakeboard? - Yes! Painting over wood surfaces like these is one way we've seen people use cedar closets lining in the past.

Do they make cedar plywood? - We don't offer cedar plywood, but we do have a product called cedarsafe that is made from 100% natural cedar and can be used to stain or paint over wood surfaces like these. Visit our website for more information:

cedar panels

What are some of the benefits of Cedar closet lining?- Cedarsafe uses flakeboard panels made from 100% natural redwood called Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar for our cedar closet lining product line. These cedar closet lining panels have a naturally pleasant aroma and work as an insect repellent while also being fire resistant.

4 x 8

What cedar closets are: - Cedar closet lining is cedar boards that can be used to line your closet for a natural way of freshening up and keeping the items inside safe from heat damage or bugs when using cedarsafe products.

Flakeboard panels come in 4x12 foot sheets that measure about 0.375" thick x 18mm wide, with an R-value (insulation against heat) rating of 24 per inch, and one side covered with cedar flakes which give it its distinctive appearance while also adding insulation value because they trap air pockets between them. The other side is smooth, known as "sanded", but not painted or stained; this needs finishing before installation if desired by the customer.

Flakeboard is a cedar product commonly used for cedar closets, cedar closet lining and other home projects because it.

Cedar closets provide cedar closet lining that can be used to line your closet and protect the items inside from any damage.



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