Bathroom cabinet material supply solutions

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HSH DECOR provided material solutions for

 the American bathroom cabinet brand ROKER

The material selection for ROKER bathroom cabinets is very important because of the high requirements for the panels.

HSH DECOR provides them with the best melamine panel supply solution for bathroom cabinets.

As a professional melamine material supply chain manufacturer. If you ask HSH DECOR, what are the cases that better reflect the advantages and strength of HSH DECOR factory, I will definitely take this case.

"ROKER bathroom cabinet material solution"

In 2015, we received an inquiry from ROKER, an international bathroom brand, asking us to come up with a solution for bathroom cabinets. The story started from there and has lasted for 6 years now.

The reason is that among the many panels of furniture, the one with the highest physical and chemical performance requirements is the bathroom cabinet, because "it" is in a relatively special environment such as humid, high temperature and cool (low UV). So the requirements of the material is higher.

So what kind of material combination can be used to adapt to these special environments, and durable, convenient, beautiful?

 Roker Bathroom Cabinet

First: ROKER requirements for the main board.

It is recommended to use multi-layer solid wood panels (plywood) > moisture-proof Chipboard > moisture-proof MDF.

The substrate must be moisture-proof, waterproof, mold-resistant, strong and not delaminated, because in the bathroom environment, water is the most powerful opponent, long-term low UV environment, coupled with a humid environment, is simply a breeding ground for bacteria, plate delamination killer, if you use poor quality panels, non-the above recommended panels, you should pay attention to the design of the bathroom, wet and dry areas separate, directly in shortening the life of your bathroom cabinet . I have seen some poor quality panels, after 3 months of use, mushrooms grow on the bathroom cabinets, shocking, but also remind HSH DECOR how important it is to choose good materials.

So, for the base material, HSH DECOR chose to use 16mm plywood as the base material of the panel.

 Melamine Bathroom Cabinet

Second: ROKER's requirement for melamine paper.

ROKER bathroom cabinet should not only be durable, but also beautiful. After all, when everyone is in the shower, it's a time to be alone and think, so style and aesthetics are especially important. hsh decor selected melamine paper for the bathroom cabinet collection for ROKER. (But if you have a color that better suits your market style, feel free to offer it to HSH DECOR to tailor it to your market style.


Melamine paper for bathroom cabinet series has eight requirements in terms of physical and chemical properties.

1、Resistant to high temperature (flame retardant)

2、Waterproof and boiling (boiled at 70° for 24 hours without delamination)

3, scratch resistance

4, wear-resistant

5, moisture-proof

6、Low formaldehyde


8, Release negative ions

HSH DECOR has conducted R&D trials in an independent laboratory and finally developed a melamine paper impregnation process that meets ROKER's requirements. This is HSH DECOR's patented technology, in which various additives and production control different wind speed, temperature, tension, etc. are added to the melamine glue.

 Melamine edge band Bathroom Cabinet

Third: ROKER's requirements for edge sealing strips with edge sealing glue and edge sealing process.

Paper, board and edge make up the closest combination. HSH DECOR can provide the same color edgebanding as the decorative paper, the most affordable edgebanding PUR/EVA adhesive, and the most suitable edgebanding technology to help you achieve the true durability of the board.

HSH DECOR has succeeded in breaking through this technology, and the bathroom cabinet series panels are practical and durable for 20 years.

 Melamine edge band Bathroom Cabinet

Fourth: Customer evaluation

ROKER is very satisfied, and our continuous orders make us understand that the real value creation for customers is not just to reduce the price, but also to solve the customer's needs and provide the best cost performance solution.

The creation of long-term value does not happen overnight, and our original intention has remained the same since 1996 - to provide the best quality solutions for our customers.

Supply Chain of board

Summary Overview.

Solving problems for our customers' needs is what we started HSH DECOR for.

We specialize in integrating resources and providing core services to our customers with our high standard of craftsmanship - chain supply.

Not a single product supply, HSH DECOR supplies the core materials needed for furniture panels: the 5 main materials: base sheets, triamine paper, PU paper, edge sealing strips, and steel plate molds.


There is no best material, only the best supply chain.

Choose HSH DECOR, choose success.

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  • Q Do you guarantee the safe and secure delivery of products?

    A Yes, we always use high quality export packaging. Double rolls packing film for export cargoes, suitable for shipment with container by sea.
  • Q What kinds of payment methods do you accept?

    A The most international payment methods are acceptable with us including Irrevocable LC at sight, 30% deposit in advance, 70% balance payable against B/L copyL copy.
  • Q What is the average lead time?

    The average lead time is about 7 working days. For bulk quantity, for example 30,000KGS, it will take about 10 working days to finish production. The max lead time is 15 working days.
  • Q Can you supply the relevant documentation?

    A Yes, we have been exporting for a long time. Certificate of Analysis,Insurance Policy, Certificate of Origin and other required export documents are available.
  • Q What kind of package will you arrange?

    For printed decor paper with FCL shipment, decor paper will be packed by rolls. For LCL shipment, decor paper will be packed with seaworthy pallets.

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