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The ultimate solution provider of melamine paper

I am the superior supplier of melamine paper that you have been looking for

We have been focusing on the industry of melamine surface for over 25 years. With deep integration of those five core products of melamine paper, finish foil paper, edge banding, S/S hot-pressing plate and so on, we provide you with best performance, fashion design, lowest price, assuring you compensation if expensive. We are absolutely the best option of supplier of melamine paper.


Same as melamine paper
Who Are We
Who are we: supply chain of board, founded in 1996, supplying the core materials needed for furniture board: base board,
 melamine paper, PU paper, PVC edge banding, stain steel pressing  plate 5 main materials.
Benefits: compensate if expensive, cost saving.
How to Make It
Enterprise positioning: supply chain of board, optimization and integration of basic board, melamine paper, PU paper, PVC edge banding, stain steel pressing plate 5 main materials supply chain.
Resource integration, de-intermediation, direct
hit base price, industrial alliance, quality and
quantity assurance, strength commitment.
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Compensation If Expensive
Great value enjoyment
Promise the lowest price in the market, if other suppliers are lower, immediately compensate without hesitation.
Integration of production, sales and
transportation services, the lowest delivery EXW,FOB,CIFprice.
Bring the same quality products
with good price for your enterprise, create
value for the enterprise, save cost, one-stop
purchasing, save time and money.
5 teams of professional production, quality inspection, sales, transportation, after-sales technology, each by more than 10 years of experience director lead the operation, can
respond to various product requirements.
As can be seen from the EXW price comparison of the above materials, if you choose our supply chain to purchase various materials, with the same product quality, we can save 0.9 USD per board for you. If you purchase 750 pieces (40 feet container), you can save 676.5 USD in total.
Why Trust Us?
 Founded in 1996
Supply services to thousands of 
customers in China
Annualoutput value of 200 million and we 
own 4production bases
Catalog for free for fifirst 10 contacts everyday.
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    HSH One-Stop Furniture Supply Chain

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    Providing the best melamine paper with the best price
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    Bathroom cabinet material supply solutions

    HSH DECOR provided material solutions for

     the American bathroom cabinet brand ROKER

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