Guangdong Haoshanghao Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "HSH") is located in Sanshui, Foshan, a national high-tech development zone. HSH staff have been adhering to the mission of leaving the earth a green and making home beautiful, who are conscientiously trying their best to make each piece of decoration paper in good quality. 

At present, the design of the texture version is one of the best. Currently, HSH has more than 600 sets of texture printing rollers, 4 precision overprinter (one of which is 6 feet wide), with an annual output of 5000 tons. The company is equipped with a technically first-class production team, working in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system, and implementing the data standard procedures such as inspection before production, in-production inspection, color calibration, finished product reinspection in order to ensure high efficiency, high quality, and speed up the development of the whole house decoration industry. Great things must be done in detail. There is new requirement for modern household decorations. HSH has 4 dipping rubber production equipment with an annual output of 22 million pieces. Each impregnated paper need go through the raw material inspection, in-process verification and finished product inspection. Rigorous system is the premise of quality and quantity. In particular, the inspection of the new product "Fast Pressure Series" and "Obsidian Black Series" is more rigorous. The quick pressing series can improve the efficiency by short time and quick pressing. The pressing process uses the upper temperature of 195℃ and the lower temperature of 190℃ for 18 seconds. The Mosaic steel plate, fine particles and oil stains can be wiped with a wet cloth without any residue.

"Obsidian Black Series" keeps stable and can adapt to a variety of steel plates and substrates, Besides, it is equipped with a cold storage to make the quality more stable. Start from me for healthy home, environmental protection and low aldehyde! Products create value, so we can achieve win-win situation.


Now Haoshanghao mainly produces two kinds of papers: one is customized gold 30 series, engineering wood series, colorful series, rapid bidding digital paper and other printing paper series. The other is stable obsidian black series, the short-term and efficient fast pressure series, cost-effective warm white series, clean aldehyde and antibacterial and other impregnated papers. We have a professional research and development team, which can develop new varieties according to the requirement. We are committed to become a first-class service provider of wood-based panel decoration materials.

At present, HSH products have been sold to 20 countries and regions, such as America, Middle East, North Africa, etc. Now we receive OEM and ODM orders widely.HSH home decoration makes you feel better at home. We are looking forward to working with you to create a new healthy home!



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